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The battle for the minds of Western students is taking place online and through social media. As you probably know, my Dry Bones cartoons are a major weapon against the BDS antisemitic war that we face. We distribute these Dry Bones cartoons at no charge to our many thousands of readers, but our operation costs us an annual $100,000 which is covered by our Dry Bones Thirty Six righteous people (Lamed Vavnikim) who each give us $3,000 a year to help defeat the wickedness we face and who help make the world a better place (Tikun Olam). If you are able, Please become one of “our Dry Bones 36”.
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Daily Dry Bones Cartoons. Mon-Fri. With commentary.
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The Dry Bones Project (Our US Tax Deductible Parent Entity)
Dry Bones Project is a tax-deductible project of Report Org The mission of Dry Bones Project is, through cartoons and cartooning to correct the willful rewriting of Israel's history.

Trees ...the Green Testament
the Graphic Novel by Yaakov Kirschen.
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Secret Codes (Kirschen's Yale Study)
Yaakov Kirschen working paper (published by Yale University Press) which examines the historic infecting of cartoons with a unique image-based virus of Jew-hatred. The course focuses on the three main strains of this cartoon virus, and makes extensive use of the library and guide to those viral cartoon images which can be seen at The Dry Bones Yale Findings

The Dry Bones Academy
Passing the torch to a new generation of Activist Cartoonists! An online Dry Bones Academy of Cartoon Advocacy and Activism

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